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English (EFL) Teaching

I am a CELTA-certified English instructor with thirteen years of experience teaching English and additional experience in arts education with children and adults. My particular strengths are in technical grammar and pronunciation (American IPA), as well as warmth, empathy, and encouraging language use from shy students. Most of my experience is in in-person classroom teaching, while my CELTA training focused on teaching adult group classes online. I have particular experience teaching English to Korean adults and university students, some experience teaching English to children, and lots of experience in music education for children and theatre education (specializing in Shakespeare) for adults.

I am currently teaching part-time as a private English instructor for adults, and I am available for individual and small group lessons on Zoom. My current rate is $50 USD per hour. If you'd like to learn from me, please email me here.

Below is my resume in EFL, as well as related teaching areas, mostly in the performing arts.

Lauren Ash-Morgan EFL resume (public), page 2.png
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