Korean Traditional Music & Dance
(Gugak /

I am not a professional gugak performer, but I have found gugak training and performance to be an enriching part of my artistic and personal life.


Photo by Jeon Jae-ho, Koreana Magazine, 2017.


Photo by Robert Michael Evans

Arirang TV spent some time with me during a particularly busy autumn in 2016. Some of wording in the narration is a bit odd, but it's a pretty good representation of my gugak study at this point in time. 


Pansori (판소리)

Moon Soo Hyun (문수현), The National Theater of Korea, 2016-2019.

Gayageum Byeongchang (가야금 병창)

Mun Su-jeong (문수정), The National Gugak Center, 2013-2016. Private lessons at 가얏고을, 2016.

Gayageum sanjo (가야금 산조)

Ha Gyeong-Mi (하경미), The National Gugak Center, 2012, 2014.

Pansori (판소리) and Namdo Minyo (남도민요)

Kim Eun Su (김은수), Washington Sorichung (워싱턴 소리청), Washington Korean Performing Arts Center, 2008- 2010.


Taepyeongmu (태평무, 강선영류)

Lee Hyeonja (이현자) and Choi Bokyung (최보경), The National Gugak Center (국립국악원), 2013-2016. Intensive lessons, 2016.

Dosalpuri (도살풀이)

Yang Gil-sun (양길순), The National Gugak Center, 2013-2016. Private studio, 2016.

Yeongnam Gyobang Chum (영남교방청춤) and Yeongnam Jinsoe Chum (영남진쇠춤)

Park Kyung Rang (박경랑), The National Gugak Center, 2012, 2014. Private studio, 2012, 2014, 2016.

Seungmu (승무) and Salpuri (살풀이), Han Young Suk Ryu (한영숙류)

Yoon Young Ok (윤영옥), The National Gugak Center, 2012, 2014. Private studio, 2012.

Korean traditional dance classes (Beginner, Intermediate)

Kim Eun Su (김은수) and Bae Jung-Lan (배정란) at the Washington Korean Performing Arts Center, Virginia, USA, 2008- 2010 : Gibon/Basic (기본), Buche Chum (부채춤), Samgomu (삼고무), Sogo Chum (소고춤), Salpuri (살풀이), Seungmu (승무), Gyobangmu (교방무), Ogomu (오고무).


M.A. Ethnomusicology

University of Maryland, College Park, 2009

Thesis Title: “Korean Dance and Pansori in D.C.: Interactions with Others, the Body, and Collective Memory at a Korean Performing Arts Studio”

Thesis Supervisor: Professor Robert C. Provine


Bachelor of Music in Music Education (K-12, vocal track),

Ithaca College, 2005

Instrument: Voice


First prize, Jeonju International Sori Festival, Amateur Pansori Competition, (최우수상, 2016 아마추어 소리꾼 경연대회, 전주 세계소리축제), 2016


Special award (특별상), Gangnam Traditional Dance Association competition (제5회 강남구협회장배 전통무용대회) for Taepyeongmu (태평무, 강선영류), 2016.


Full funding to attend the 2010 International Workshop for Korean Traditional Music at The National Gugak Center (국립국악원), 2010


First Place, Foreigner Division, (for Pansori, Chunhyangga (판소리: 춘향가)) The 9th and 10th National Korean Traditional Performing Arts Competition, New York City, 2009 and 2010.


Grand prize (대상), KORUS Festival 2008 Korean song contest (for “Dongbaek Agassi” (“동백 아가씨”)), Annandale, Virginia, 2008.